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Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Kit

Dental Emergency is a type of medical emergency that involves the teeth and gums. This includes the knockout of the teeth or loosened teeth, lips and gums being cut, and loosening of the position of the teeth. These type of problems need to have an immediate response. Oral injuries like these examples need to be treated immediately by an expert or a dentist. The immediate response means getting treated in less than one hour or else much bigger problems like losing teeth may take place.

 Every dental emergency has a remedy that needs to be applied immediately.

For an instance, when a tooth gets knocked out:

- Call your dentist immediately and ask for an emergency assistance.

- Handle the loose tooth diligently, always handle loose tooth in the crown and not in the root, touching or handling the root may cause damage to cells needed for its re-attachment

- Wash the tooth with extra care to remove dirt,

- Always keep the tooth moistened; you may place the tooth in the middle of your cheek and gums, or put the tooth in a glass of milk.

Here are some easy tips on how to treat tooth that is being fractured:

- Gargle using moderately hot water.

- Immediately apply cold compress or ice bag to the affected area

- Take medicine as pain killer if necessary, use ibuprofen instead of aspirin.

- Go to the nearest dental clinic and ask for assistance. Only the dentist knows how to handle the fractured tooth.

These tips are applied in a tooth accidentally and forcibly moved out of its position:

- Reposition the affected area using your finger tips by applying a moderate pressure or your jaw by biting down slowly to avoid moving of the tooth.

- Go to the nearest dentist ands ask immediate assistance.

In case of injuries inside your mouth, like cuts, wounds, or lacerations inside the cheek, lips or tongue, the wound needs to be cleaned immediately by moderately hot water. However, in case of tongue laceration, pulling the tongue forward may reduce bleeding.

People must be ready any time the emergency takes place. You should always carry with you a dental emergency kit that includes a dentist's phone numbers (home and office), saline solution, handkerchief, small container with lid, and ibuprofen medicine.