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Tooth brushes

How to brush your teeth? Learn in 4 simple steps!

 The first tooth brush ever was made in China in 1000 A.D. Its handle was made of ivory with bristles fashioned from horse’s mane. It was quite expensive back then. Today we enjoy the use of nylon brushes which come in more budget-friendly prices.

Toothbrushes come in various designs such as angled heads, oscillating tufts, and those that change color after a certain period of using it. No scientific study says that any of these designs work better than the rest in cleaning the teeth and removing plaque. The sad truth is that some people just don’t brush their teeth in the most ideal way, often brushing for less than a minute. The optimal technique in brushing your teeth is two to three minutes, using a soft, nylon toothbrush with a long, wide handle and a head that’s about “1 by ½” so that areas off the mouth are easily accessed. The toothbrush bristles should be round-ended so that the gums wouldn’t be injured. Be sure to brush twice a day, after every meal. Be sure to brush your teeth while placing the brush at 45 degree angle and gently brushing outside the teeth, inside the tooth, your tongue, and especially brush on chewing surfaces and between teeth.

Another type of toothbrush is the electric toothbrush, which doesn’t really work much better than manual toothbrushes. This type of toothbrush does entice more people to brush more often. Its buzzing sound and the tingle of it against the teeth encourages its users. It is recommended for people who are injured, disabled, and the elderly who are usually rendered with limited manual dexterity. The electric toothbrush is advantageous because it can cover more area faster but it should be noted that its batteries need to be recharged for 10-45 minutes and should be cleaned daily. Electric toothbrushes cost about $30 to $99.

When using an electric toothbrush for the first time, gum-bleeding should be expected. Bleeding will cease when you learn the proper control and your gums become healthier. Gently navigate the head on your teeth in a slow motion. Just let its bristles do the job. Children under the age of ten should use electric toothbrushes under adult supervision.

Be sure to change your toothbrush or toothbrush head (in electric toothbrushes) every three to four months. Sick people should change their toothbrushes after recovery.

Finally, regular dental check-up, cleaning, and flossing ensure that your gums and teeth are strong and healthy.