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Spit Tobacco Exposed

 Spit tobacco is described as a finely ground processed tobacco. Users pinch or dip a small amount of it, then place it inside their mouth between the lower lip and gums. Spit tobacco or Chewing tobacco is one of the most common causes of Oral cancer. Chewing is one of the oldest ways of consuming tobacco leaves. Smokeless tobacco contains 28 cancer-causing agents (carcinogens). If you are a user of smokeless tobacco and have thought of quitting the habit, you need to consult a dentist to give you remedy or advice needed in the process. Spit tobacco is not only bad for your oral hygiene. It also affects the rest of your body. Many people believe that smokeless tobacco is safer compared to that of smoking tobacco. However, truth is so told that spit tobacco is more addictive than smoking cigarettes. It also contains a higher level of nicotine making it harder to quit compared to that of cigarettes. One can or snuff of spit tobacco can give you the dose of nicotine in 60 pieces of cigarettes. An estimated 8,000 people die annually because of the use of tobacco. A majority of 70 percent of those deaths are caused by Oral Cancer.

Kids who use spit tobacco are 4 to 6 times prone to have an Oral cancer, especially those who use spit tobacco regularly. White lesion and red sores found inside your mouth or lips are signs of oral cancer. When these signs occur, see a dentist immediately and ask for a diagnosis.

Besides the fact that users of Spit tobacco are prone to cancer, Spit tobacco also causes other dental problems such as bad breath, discoloration of the teeth, tooth decay, cavities, and tooth loss. The declining of your senses, particularly of the smell and taste, is also an effect of using spit tobacco. Double dippers (people who mix snuff and chewing tobacco) are 50 percent more likely to develop precancerous lesions than those who use one type spit tobacco.

In order to avoid this bad habit, you need to ask for a dentistís advice. Your dentist can give you a couple of tobacco substitute that can help you lessen the habit. Nicotine patch or chewing gum is an example of tobacco substitute that may help you recover from nicotine addiction.

The following are some dental advice that can help you change the bad habit of chewing and dipping tobacco:

- Always carry gum, hard candy and sunflower seeds instead of tobacco.

- Ask for your family support.

- Make an effort to avoid tobacco in situations that you like to dip or chew.

- Visit your dentist every three months.